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Thursday, 10 April 2014

DIY no-budget stereo goggles

Have you ever asked yourself how to view all these stereoscopic 3D photographs, films and artwork out there without expensive equipment?
Or are you a stereoscopy enthusiast, but your friends cannot view cross-eyed?
Made from a CD cover and filled with water, these glasses are a costless, easy to build solution. The viewing experience is very pleasant and the glasses can be used for a wide range of media sizes.

I built the goggles following a very comprehensible tutorial on vrtifacts.com. The construction is very simple and doesn't require much more than a CD cover and all-purpose glue.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Awkward Fisherman Machine - construction manual & plans

This post provides plans and construction manual for my "Awkward Fisherman Machine". It is a flying pendulum, designed as a fisherman constantly throwing the line onto a tree. Driven by a sinking weight, the sculpture runs for several minutes with its continuously fruitless attempts. Watch a video of the sculpture below.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hanging Mobile #001 - construction manual & plans

Photo of Hanging Mobile #001 in front of a tree stem
This article comprises plans and a brief construction manual for Hanging Mobile #001, shown on the left. Below, you can watch a video of the harmonic motion of the mobile. The design is inspired by the work of Alexander Calder.

1. Materials and Tools
2. PDF Plans for download
3. Construction Manual


... to Turnvater Janosch's handcrafting and weird machinery.

Recent days, the video of my most elaborate project became fairly viral: the Pendulum Marble Clock.

In the course of that, I received a lot of requests for plans. So I decided to successively make available plans and construction manuals for the projects that you can watch on my Youtube channel . This blog is the place where you will find them soon.