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Thursday, 10 April 2014

DIY no-budget stereo goggles

Have you ever asked yourself how to view all these stereoscopic 3D photographs, films and artwork out there without expensive equipment?
Or are you a stereoscopy enthusiast, but your friends cannot view cross-eyed?
Made from a CD cover and filled with water, these glasses are a costless, easy to build solution. The viewing experience is very pleasant and the glasses can be used for a wide range of media sizes.

I built the goggles following a very comprehensible tutorial on vrtifacts.com. The construction is very simple and doesn't require much more than a CD cover and all-purpose glue.

Figure 1: Stereo glasses in stereo. Click to enlarge.

Figure 2: Another stereoscopic photography. Click to enlarge.

You can find a lot more stereo photos on my Phereo account or my Google+ images.

Yours sincerely,
Turnvater Janosch

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